Wet 'n' Wild Boats, Diving & Rafting

We have an excellent range of water activities, why not treat somebody to one of our outstanding white water rafting trips? Very few things can compete with the adrenaline rush of hurtling down a class 3 gorge in an inflatable raft. Or for a similar thrill we also offer kayaking lessons in a variety of locations.

There are also surfing lessons and windsurfing experiences on offer as well as scuba diving lessons, all of which would make an excellent birthday present.

Perhaps you are looking for motorised water sport activity days, well we have plenty of those on offer too, such as powerboats, jet skiing, sailing and even hover crafting.

No matter who you are buying an activity gift for or what sort of water based activity you are looking for we will surely have exactly what you are looking for in our great range of experiences.