Rockingham Race Track

Rockingham race track is a relatively new circuit, it was opened by the queen as recently as 2001 and is pretty unique in the UK as it has an oval shape, generally associated with American Nascar racing. There is also a more traditional European style course within the oval itself which has a total of fourteen different configurations.

The Oval track is 1.47 miles long and has only four corners, the more traditional road circuit is 1.94 miles long and has up to 12 corners depending on which configuration is in use. This is Europe’s fastest banked oval circuit, the lap record stands at just 24.7 seconds which is an average top speed of 215.39 mph, Rockingham track days don't usually reach these sorts of speeds, needless to say though you will be able to go ridiculously fast

This is a popular location for the British Touring Car Championship as well as pick up racing and several other formats. There is also a rally driving area with a gravel surface, this place caters for pretty much any kind of car.

Rockingham racing circuit is based just North of Corby so is an excellent choice of venue for anybody based in the Midlands. There is an amazing array of vehicles available for you to test out on this amazing circuit, this is sure to be an experience you will remember for a long time.

  • Europe’s fastest banked oval racing track and the first of its kind in the UK
  • Both oval and standard tracks available depending on the vehicle in use
  • Expert instructors and an amazing array of vehicles on site