Driving at Goodwood

Goodwood racing circuit was initially the perimeter of an old world war 2 air base but from 1948 when the 500cc class visited everything changed. The venue became famous for 9 hour endurance racing but in 1966 the circuit was closed to racing because the owners refused to make modifications in order to slow cars down in line with new safety guidelines.

Racing driving at Goodwood returned 30 years later in 1998 and the venue now plays host to many historic events as well as try out and track days. The revival festival is held every year and consists mainly of competitions involving cars from the venues glory days of the fifties and sixties

The circuit is notoriously fast with long straights and few sharp corners, there is now a chicane in place but apart from that there is little need to take your foot off the floor for longer than a few seconds. Goodwood track days are an excellent excuse to simply put the pedal to the metal and see what a super car can really do. There is an excellent array of cars to choose from and some expert instructors on hand to help out during the day.

Located near the South coast near Chichester, about half way between Brighton and Portsmouth this is the perfect venue if you live in the south of England.

  • An extremely fast circuit with very few sharp corners meaning you can really build up some speed
  • The home of historical motor racing in the UK
  • A top selection of supercars available for you to try out