Driving at Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch racing circuit started life as a cycle racing venue back in the 1920's, the cyclists would use the natural slope of the land and the dirt roads which had been carved out by farm machinery as a track. Within a couple of years motorcycles were joining in and shortly after the end of World War 2 the area was formed into a real driving circuit.

The first example of car racing at this venue was in 1950 when the Formula 3 season visited, since then the course has held many other famous events including the Brtitish Grand Prix on 12 separate occasions and it is the current host of the British A1 Grand Prix event.

There are two different circuits used for driving at Brands Hatch, the Grand Prix version which is 2.3 miles long and has 9 corners, then there is the Indy track which is just shy of 2 miles long and has just 6 corners. Both options have some great features including Pilgrims Drop, a huge straight, great for testing top speeds and Druids Bend, a tight hairpin which will test any cars handling to the limit.

Brands Hatch track days can be very easy to organise and with the venue located to the South East of London it is in a great location for anybody travelling from the Capital or the South East of England.

  • Very popular location in the South East of England, easy to travel to from London
  • Long straights and sharp bends, ideal for putting a car through its paces
  • A great selection of cars are available