One Seat Racing Cars

This is the absolute pinnacle of motorsport, these vehicles weren't designed to be road legal at all, they are designed for one purpose and that's to go as fast as possible. The lightweight construction and fiercely powerful engines on these bad boys means you get maximum horse power for your money and a driving experience you quite simply will never forget.

If you like driving fast then this is the activity gift experience for you. You simply can't drive these vehicles slowly, we're not joking either, you need to build up a certain speed to get heat into the tyres, otherwise you just spin off at the first corner. Not for the feint hearted maybe but an absolutely amazing track day none the less

Of course the most obvious option on offer here is the Formula 1 driving experience and it's easy to see why this would be a perfect gift for any fan of the sport. There are other options on offer as well though including Formula Ford, Renault, F2000 and more. Many of these single seater racing experiences also take place on famous circuits too, which only serves to add to the fun and excitement of the day.

  • Single seater racing car track days, the ultimate in motor sport
  • Expert instructors on hand throughout
  • Available in some of the top locations in the UK