Drive A Lotus

Since its creation in the 1950's this company has been seen as a British manufacturing legend and driving a Lotus has been seen as something for the rich and famous. Well now anybody can drive these outstanding racing cars with one of our brilliant activity gift experiences.

This car maker has always been famous for producing cars of the highest quality and even winning Formula one championships. Lotus driving is not something which you generally get to do every day so here is your chance to take part in something which any motor sport enthusiast, or car lover would love to get involved in.

The Elise costs a minimum of £23,950 from new and the Europa and Exige selling for far more it's easy to see why most people can't afford to own one of these for themselves. This is exactly why motorsport fans will be absolutely thrilled with the chance to get behind the wheel of one of these fantastic super cars.

You can drive a Lotus at up to 155 mph depending on the model involved and you can accelerate from 0-60 in around 4 seconds. Of course your expert instructor will advise you how fast you can travel on the day, bearing in mind safety conditions.

  • Since its creation in the mid 1950's Lotus has been synonymous with brilliantly designed sports cars of the highest quality
  • This is a company with a brilliant heritage in motor sport having won the Formula One championship on several occasions
  • A typically British super car manufacturer creating only the highest quality of racing car