Drive an Audi

This is one company who are renowned for brilliant engineering combined with style and durability. Maybe not as flashy as Ferrari's or as loud as Lamborghinis but driving an Audi is an experience in itself. These cars are engineered to the highest standards, the engines are tuned perfectly and the handling is exquisite.

Although this maker of car is not synonymous with the phrase "super car" the R8 has a top speed of 187 mph which will give many Aston Martins a run for their money, especially with acceleration of 0-62 in 4.4 seconds. These vehicles are no slouches that's for sure and driving an Audi is an experience to be reckoned with.

Audi track days are a great gift for any motoring enthusiast, as the tyres scream off the line and the engine roars into life you can’t help but smile. With a great range of activities on offer there is bound to be something here to suit you.

  • While you might not think of Audi as a super car brand, with the R8 costing £90,000 this isn't the sort of car you drive every day
  • With top speeds of 187 mph these cars can certainly shift
  • This company has a long standing racing tradition, that is only possible when you build vehicles of superior quality and durability