Christening Presents

Christening gifts are always a tricky one to get right, there are so few items which are seen as traditional the right thing to buy that in most cases the poor child ends up with about three of everything. Avoid this situation entirely by taking a look at our excellent range of christening presents.

There really is nothing worse than turning up to an event like this, with all of the family around and realising that you have turned up with exactly the same idea as three other people, this is why we suggest buying something slightly different, a little bit unusual and you can be sure that your surprise will be a unique one.

How about a photo shoot for the day, the whole family including the baby can spend some time in a real photo studio with a professional photographer and leave at the end with a great family protrait, a great activity which will be remembered for a long time.

Take a look at our great range of christening present ideas for some real inspiration.